Operational Delivery Profession

Our profession has a wide range of resources to help you develop your skills. Called Continuous Professional Development, it is a one-stop shop packed with learning topics, qualifications and opportunities to help you be the best that you can be.


 Ruth Owen, Head of Operational Delivery Profession

we are the people who most citizens think of when describing the Civil Service

Who we are

If your job involves supporting or protecting UK citizens, or leading or managing those who do, you are one of the 280,000 people in the Operational Delivery Profession, the biggest profession in the Civil Service.

Operational delivery professionals keep the country running! The jobs we do include processing visas or driving licences, checking passports, bringing in tax, and helping people find jobs or get their entitlements. The places we work in include courts or prisons, and consular offices abroad.

Our Continuing Professional Development Offer is for everyone working in the profession. Learning topics are grouped under competencies in the Operational Delivery Professional Framework, and aligned with the Civil Service Competency Framework.


our impact on the UK population and contribution to the reputation of the Civil Service is massive

Ruth Owen, from HM Revenue and Customs, is the Head of Operational Delivery Profession across government. Read about Ruth’s passion and ambition for the profession here.

More information

Operational Delivery Professional Framework
Civil Service Competency Framework

•Contact us: info@odp.gsi.gov.uk



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