Manager Guide for City & Guilds Level 4 Operational Delivery Qualifications


This guide gives you information about the qualifications your member of staff is working towards. It should answer some of the questions you might have about your role in supporting them.

What are the Level 4 qualifications?

Level 4 qualifications are designed for those in junior or middle management and supervisory roles or staff wishing to progress into supervisory positions. They’re suitable for all those working in an Operational Delivery Profession role, including those working in or supervising in face-to-face, contact centre and processing roles. They’ll help your staff member develop essential skills in their operational roles

What’s my role?

Your role is to support your member of staff as they work towards a qualification. You should do this by:

  • Discussing and agreeing the best development opportunities with them
  • Having regular discussions with them
  • Reviewing any workshops or learning activities they’ve taken part in
  • Helping them complete any learning activities they do, and helping them apply that learning in the workplace

Where can I find more information about the qualification?

When your member of staff registers for a qualification, you’ll both be sent a login via email. This login lets you see all the learning material and information your member of staff will be using.

You can also read further supporting information in the City & Guilds Level 4 Candidate Guide

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