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What is CMI?

CMI stands for the The Chartered Management Institute. It’s the leading, UK awarding body for management and leadership qualifications. It’s the only professional body that can award Chartered Manager status.

What are the benefits of a professional qualification with CMI?

  • You'll have the chance to build on existing knowledge and skills.
  • You'll gain an internationally-recognised qualification that you can use across jobs and sectors.

What kind of qualification can I get?

You can study towards a CMI Award, Certificate or Diploma in Management and Leadership at Level 5, Level 6 or Level 7.

Do I have to sit an exam?

No – you won’t have to do any exams.

Does that mean I have to write long essays instead?

No – there are no essays either. Instead, you have to submit a series of evidence documents that demonstrate how you meet the assessment criteria. These will vary depending on what qualification you do, but could be anything from discussions with your Line Manager, to writing short reports. Please see the ‘How is my work assessed?’ section for more information.

Do I have to complete any theoretical assignments?

No - the evidence you submit will be based on your experience in your role. There will be some theoretical learning opportunities, but these are recommended, not mandatory

How is my work assessed?

Each qualification is made up of individual units, and each unit has its own set of assessment criteria. In order to pass a unit, you need to show evidence that you’ve met those criteria. Evidence is assessed through a variety of methods depending on the unit you are studying, but it might include:

  • Completing a workbook
  • Carrying out activities or exercises as part of a Workplace Learning Activity
  • Undertaking activities as part of e-learning or face-to-face events
  • Undertaking work-based projects
  • Writing personal development action plans

So what exactly do I need to do?

In addition to the learning activities you do, you’ll need to:

  • Fill in an evidence template that demonstrates how you’ve met the assessment criteria each time you complete a learning activity
  • Upload your completed evidence template via the link given in the unit for assessment.

What support will I have?

There is lots of support to help you achieve success, including



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